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Hi, I'm Hector Moreno and welcome to my web site, Build a Birdhouse. As a lifelong bird-watcher and all-around animal lover, I've always tried to find a way to bring a bit of nature back home. And since I've always enjoyed working with my hands -- especially when it comes to wood working -- it was a natural transition for me to begin building bird houses. And so creating this web site was the next logical step. I'll try to fill these pages with useful information and interesting photos and hopefully make this a place where you'll want to come back time and again. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to leave a message.

How to Get Original Bird House Plans

Bird house plans can allow you to create a very wonderful little place to attract some very beautiful birds to your home. Some people opt to buy a birdhouse from the store but you can let your creativity run free and come up with great houses for the birds all on your own. All you need is a plan. When you are looking not only to attract birds but to beautify your yard a regular feeder just does not cut it. With original bird house plans you provide a great place for the birds to make a nest.

One of the ways you can get ideas for the design of your bird house plans is to take a look at real houses. There are some houses that people make for themselves that would also serve as wonderful bird house plans. You can make your bird house plans for building a birdhouse that is modeled after the style of your favorite architect. Not only will you have the benefit of enjoying these great designs, but the chickadees receive a nice nesting spot.

Often the most enjoyable bird house plans to make are the ones that are made after the design of the house on the property. The bird house plans can be created to look like a miniature version of your own home. This can prove to be the easiest method of creating bird house plans, as all the design elements have already been thought out for you. Those who really enjoy the architecture of their own home will enjoy making these bird house plans.

For building birdhouses that are a bit more traditional for the birds you can create bird house plans for a purple martin bird house. These bird house plans may not be as creative as some of the other bird house plans mentioned here, but they do serve to make a nice birdhouse. There are some bird lovers who absolutely adore purple martin birdhouses. When you create your very own bird house plans you can put a personal touch on the design and create something that is unique.

Of course, if you are having trouble with your bird house plans, you can always read a book on how to make bird house plans. These books can give you some more ideas on how to create bird house plans as well as assist you in the building process.

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